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What is the going rate for a nanny?

This depends on many factors
- How many children the care is for
- How many hours are needed and
- Whether you are booking on a peak or off peak week.  
The booking fee varies as well.  
The base rate is €20/hr (minimum 4hrs) + the booking fee, which starts at €25

Do I need to bring a pushchair?

We would advise you to use a big wheeled pushchair, the smaller wheeled types don't get through the snow. There are big wheeled pushchairs available to rent in some of the ski shops for around €7-10/day.  They don't however have any double pushchairs for hire, so these will need to be brought with you.

How experienced will my nanny be?

We only have fully qualified nannies, with at least 5 years experience and checkable references, who have done a recent paediatric first aid course, have a DBS certificate and are insured.

Should we buy sledges for our kids?

Samoëns nannies have plenty of sledges you can borrow, we often bring these along as part of our kit to entertain the children. We are happy for you to borrow them for the week so that you can use them when you like. Alternatively there are sledges for hire in many of the ski hire shops, and many accommodations will have them too.

What activities will you do with my child while I'm on the mountain?

This depends on the age of the child/children. We try to give the children the best holiday they could have.
We arrive with a bag of age appropriate toys, games, arts and crafts that will keep them occupied if the weather is bad, or they'd rather relax at home. 
We keep the kids busy with trips to the local play park, going up the mountain to do sledging, build snow castles or have snowball fights.  If you provide kitty money we can take them into town for a hot chocolate, go on the carousel or take the Petit Train for a ride. 
If you would like to meet up with the children for lunch your nanny can bring them up to meet you at a restaurant on the mountain (as long as its possible to walk there)

What is the process to book a nanny with you?

You can contact us at  We will talk about our availability, hours, location of your chalet, number and ages of the children. Then we will put together a booking form for you to fill out that will have all the details you need, and all the information we need about you.  Once the booking form has been filled out and returned, and the booking fee has been paid, then your dates will be secured, not before. If you have had the form for a week and not completed it or paid the fee, we will send you an email and your dates will be re-released. The nanny fee is due to be paid 6 weeks before your booking start date.  A reminder email will be sent to you with your nanny's bank details and contact number.  The fee will need to be paid within 7days of the due date, your booking can be cancelled if this is left unpaid, as per our Terms and Conditions.

When will we meet our nanny?

When we send out the reminder email to pay the nanny fee, it will have the contact details of your nanny.  We recommend that you contact her and set up a half hour meeting on the day you arrive in the valley, so that you and the children can meet her beforehand and get comfortable with her.  You can go over routines, preferences, meeting points, ski school, ski outfits (especially if your nanny is doing ski school pick up, to help her in finding them), Chalet keys, kitty money, etc. This is helpful to both you and the nanny and not a paid meeting.

If I hire a full-time nanny, will she take the older children to and from the ski lessons whilst looking after the younger one?

Yes, she can do that.  However we find that generally the best option is for the parents to take the older children up to their ski lesson for 9am, usually they are going up at that time anyway, and the nanny collects.  This is usually less disruptive for the younger child who then has time to get to know the nanny in a home setting, and the older children usually prefer it too as they can be a little nervous going off to ski school.

What happens if my child is ill?

It depends on the illness, a little cold is not a problem, however if you child has a fever, vomiting, diarrhoea or has a contagious illness, your nanny can not look after them until they are symptom free for at least 48hrs.  This is to protect the nanny from contracting and passing on the illness to the next family or not being in a fit condition to work for the next family, and thereby losing wages.
All Covid restrictions apply, if you or anyone in your group/household tests positive please let your nanny know as soon as possible. Your nanny will also be taking tests on a regular basis and will inform you if she is ill.

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